Landscape - Josh Hoeschen
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Mt. Huntington

Lionel Terray was a French climber who made numerous first ascents and was a true pioneer in mountaineering history. Makalu in the Himalaya and Fitzroy in the Andes are some of the more well known firsts that he accomplished. He was a member of the 1950 Annapurna expedition and got the first ascent on Jannu in Nepal.
Huntington sits at the top of the Tokositna Glacier and because of its ascetic beauty, was a much sought after prize. Lionel Terray made the first ascent by the French Ridge (pictured in this photo) in 1964.
Huntington has a colorful history and many stories of epic successes and failures on its slopes. It is a stunning peak in and from every aspect, and a prize for any climber